Who links to me

I wrote this simple online tool to find the external links to any web site, who and how many web sites in internet have links to any page of your web site or blog.

It uses a simple Google query applying basic Google operands knowledge to find sites with links to you(or backlinks or external links).

It doesn’t use the Google operator “link:” because, for example, “link:goohackle.com” returns only the links to “goohackle.com” home, if exists a link to another web page of goohackle.com, with this google operator you don’t gonna find it.

Then it returns the number of web sites with links to yours and the list of URLs who have links to your site.

I found useful for webmasters to get a measure of the popularity of your web site in internet and know who links to your web site or blog, to know the sites that link to yours.

You can use the online SEO tool here: Who links to me (GooLinks)

or go to SEO Tools section and take a look at my other web tools.

You can read how born this tool here: Error in Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Thanks for the link, although it will only give you thirty links to your site without emailing the owner.

    • Marvin
    • February 14th, 2012

    This is wonderful! However you do this it is the fastest and most thorough backlink checker I have seen. With Yahoo site explorer gone you should find a way to market this.

    Thanks again

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