Here are some of my best webseo online tools. You can use it absolutely free without limitations.

This kind of tools are useful for webmasters trying to do search engine optimization in your sites and for a lot of other things.

I wrote this webseo tools several months ago when I was researching about parsing google search results and obtain clean and structured data from them.

I wrote them in a period when I have some extra free time but these days I’m very busy and my ideas of extending this tools and write new ones was frozen. So the webseo tools was frozen too.

The next time that I will have some free time I probably write some new SEO tools because I already have the “hard”(it was easy 😉 ) work done, doing the HTTP requests, parsing the results, creating objects with the data, etc.

If I have enough time even I could create another site just for the SEO research and online tools… may be… who knows…
Again, this post is also part of my SEO investigation…

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