Most common letters in the web

Which are the most common letters in the web?

I used my Perl script to get the popularity(according to Google) of all the words in a keyword list to find the answer.

So I have a list with the letters ordered by the most popular letters (or most common letters) in the web first.

The results are very interesting and reflect the predominant language in the web, english.

Letter Popularity
A 7150000000
I 4070000000
E 3950000000
S 3660000000
O 2840000000
T 2820000000
C 2720000000
D 2700000000
M 2560000000
N 2460000000
L 2190000000
P 2040000000
B 2020000000
F 1880000000
Y 1780000000
X 1720000000
V 1680000000
G 1670000000
W 1670000000
R 1610000000
K 1520000000
H 1490000000
J 1470000000
Z 1470000000
U 1320000000
Q 1130000000

You can use the online version of this tool here: Keyword popularity tool

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