Google SOAP API key end, XML PHP solution

The Google search SOAP API key service is about to end, at August 2009.

A couple of years ago I developed a PHP XML parser to get google search results in a list of URLs, like a Google API PHP (developed in that language).

Next a small introduction to what this Google search API is or what you can do with it…

This SOAP API returns a Google search result in XML format so you can use it in a lot of applications, like online SEO tools, other SEO/online marketing related applications to collect information, etc.

Anyway, this, like the new AJAX search API, are very good for small applications but also have a lot of restrictions. The old SOAP API was even better than the new AJAX one for big applications to get a lot of useful and valuable SEO information.

So, some years ago, thinking in the Google SOAP API restrictions and possible future restrictions that could have I was thinking in some way to doesn’t have any restrictions… and that was the beginning of the Google Parser idea.

Then, the time pass and a lot of improvements was made to that online version of the parser. For example, improvements on the XML PHP parser, parsing Google results for different countries, obtaining not only the URLs, also the titles, descriptions, positions and even the sponsored links.

Now with the end of the Google SOAP search API, there’s a need to, change the systems that use it or develop another Google search API, for example, a Google API PHP.

This could be useful for developers who have applications depending the Google SOAP API. So they have two choices, develop a system to emulate the Google API and then use it in your applications without any changes or change your applications in some other way to do what they do with the original API.

And that’s it, the first option is the best for me and probably I’m going to develop the Google API in PHP to do some tests.

Nowadays in my researchs I use the results in plain text but like the API use XML I will be probably developing and testing the way to get Google results in XML. It’s very easy if you have the core system already developed, just add the XML tags to the output and done.

  1. Google limit their api query.. How to prevent it…. How to use double api key on same time… thank you…

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