Google Pacman Bug

Today Google does an interesting thing with their logo, an interactive Pacman game. The creativity of Google is still awsome!

After playing some seconds, I needed to let my Iceweasel window on the background and continue with some work in the console. Then I come back to my browser and I realized that my pacman was in a place where the ghost monster can’t reach, a bug in the Google Pacman game!

Google Pacman Bug

Google Pacman Bug Screenshot

Anyway, this Google Pacman bug isn’t any serious problem, just a funny detail. You can’t do nothing with your pacman in the game using this bug to stay still in that place.

Now the Google game is still in that place since more than one hour. I think that eventually some ghost is going to reach the pacman.

Google Pacman Game Bug after some minutes

Google Pacman Game Bug

This is just a quick post, feel free to comment and share with us if you can reproduce the bug!

    • Google Pacman Virus
    • May 21st, 2010

    Unfortunately the Pac Man for Firefox seems buggy and won’t go away… something to do with the restart?

    is google pacman a virus?

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