Google Adwords Scraper – Expose your competition

We recently developed an improved version of our online Google scraper that allows us to not only parse organic results, but also the adwords, the paid or sponsored results that Google shows for different keywords, languages and countries.

The reach and value of the information that we can parse with our Google scraping technologies is huge. Imagine the online marketing research that you can do to discover and expose your competition. With the power and knowledge of being able to know which are the strongest competitors in the organic results for your target keywords and, sometimes more important, the competitors who are spending more money in adword campaigns for your niche or industry. This kind of marketing intelligence is going to move you a step forward of most of your competitors.

Another practical use of our Google adwords scraper is to do industry analysis and collect statistical information from thousand of keywords that is going to show how the markets are moving or which industries are going up or down. This information is essential or even critical for any online projects, or nowadays, almost everything has their online dimension so it’s vital for almost any new or existing project that can be benefited with an emarketing research.

Is going to be an important factor of nowadays SWOT analysis, that are an essential step on almost all new business venture. The competition analysis and industry research is fundamental in every well done SWOT analysis. And it’s more powerful yet, crossing that information with Google adwords price estimations for the keywords, you can know even the budgets of your competitors. Not exactly of course, but you can have a good idea of how much are spending particular projects and websites or a whole industry.

Of course, develop a system to be able to do huge number of queries for million of keywords isn’t easy. Our real time parsers can process a lot of information and our system was designed with scalability as one of the first concerns. That’s one of the reasons of how now we can have a Google scraper capable of doing adwords scraping too, without limitations.

    • Greg
    • April 1st, 2011

    VERY COOL!!!
    There is so much one can do with this data. You open ones imagination and many opportunities to leverage data in powerful ways. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

    Ive emailed you to learn more about your custom services. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • john
    • January 21st, 2012

    try to find highest competiters befor going public

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