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Who links to me

I wrote this simple online tool to find the external links to any web site, who and how many web sites in internet have links to any page of your web site or blog.

It uses a simple Google query applying basic Google operands knowledge to find sites with links to you(or backlinks or external links).

It doesn’t use the Google operator “link:” because, for example, “” returns only the links to “” home, if exists a link to another web page of, with this google operator you don’t gonna find it.

Then it returns the number of web sites with links to yours and the list of URLs who have links to your site.

I found useful for webmasters to get a measure of the popularity of your web site in internet and know who links to your web site or blog, to know the sites that link to yours.

You can use the online SEO tool here: Who links to me (GooLinks)

or go to SEO Tools section and take a look at my other web tools.

You can read how born this tool here: Error in Google Webmaster Tools

Online keyword popularity tool gives interesting results

I was testing the Web 2.0 technologies and I wrote a tool using Ajax and WebServices to get the popularity of any keyword in the web using the Google search engine results.

Google search amount of results

This can be very useful for webmasters to see the amount of competency who exists in the web for some keyword or phrase and perform a better SEO.

Also, it’s very interesting the results obtained for some words compared with others.

You can use it here: Keyword Popularity Tool

I’m working in a couple of other interesting tools related to Google SEO, the web and analysis about that… when I have time I’m gonna publish here…

Get Google results in a list of clean URLs

I wrote a perl script to perform certain search in Google, parse the results and save all the harvested URLs in a text file. After a few improvements, I finally made a PHP Google scrapper that allows us, with an HTML parser in their core, to get unlimited Google results to then apply data mining techniques and obtain valuable information for SEO and business intelligence.

This is extremely useful for a lot of things, for example, with e-marketing and SEO related purposes, you can get huge amount of Google results from different keywords to then analyze PageRank, SERP positions, competition companies/domains and much more.

One time I prepare a search string for Google to find sites that have a security vulnerability, then I run an exploit to all this sites and I founded all the vulnerable sites, only with research purposes, another interesting use of this online SEO tool.

This are only a couple of examples… if you use your imagination… you will see a lot of things you can do…

It’s basically a parser of the Google results, so I can get Google results in any format.

Now I write the algorithm(a google parser) in PHP and publish online, you can use it under online SEO tools section and see other interesting tools… or go directly to the Google parser online tool (GooParser).