Our services

GooHackle Services

We provide Google scraping or parsing services (and major search engines too). Our HTML parser and scraper systems, programmed in PHP, can harvest URLs from Google and much more.

Once the results(URLs, titles, PageRank, descriptions, etc.) are harvested and parsed, we save them in our databases or client ones. In the first case, we apply different data mining techniques to obtain useful information for SEO tools, different kinds of business intelligence, keyword popularity competency, marketing analysis and more. We always guarantee complete confidentiality regarding the client keywords and the information that is being processed and sent to their databases.

A common use of our services, is for real time online SEO tools, we provide the data needed by our clients and they use or show it according their projects and requirements. Another application is for internet marketing companies that have huge lists of keywords and need lists of unique DNS domains names ordered by their position or number of appearances in Google search results. These are just a couple of examples but the possibilities with this kind of information are endless.

We doesn’t parse only search engine results, some of our projects requires the data harvesting and scraping of keywords from different web sites. We do this easily with our HTML parser and scraper systems.

Feel free to verify how our system works using some of our online SEO tools, you can find them under the “Tools” menu. Right next to it, is the “Contact” menu where you can find our email to contact us.